The writers' cottage Amariya is a glorious getaway. Set on the idyllic banks of the river Tamas one can drown in its blissful stillness poised on a hammock. Here the aged mango groves, nearby bridge and watch tower are all one's companions. The retreat abounds in bird and piscine life, its meandering river turn is the perfect fishing spot and a photographers' delight at sunset.


Even if you aren't staying at the writer's retreat, an unforgettable picnic can be arranged. On a sunny afternoon, one could fish for trout, cool down with beer and make excursions on foot across a broken bridge only to discover a mysterious watch tower juxtaposed on the other bank. Enjoy the terrace of the cottage while relishing tea over the setting sun, paint from the tent deck overlooking the river or simply gaze out the gazebo.
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    Let this view woo your senses and delight your soul.

  • Apart from an upstream view of the Tamas and two of its meandering tributaries, the self-contained cottage has everything needed for a luxury stay. Helpers will be around day and night to ensure your comfort and safety.

  • Monsoon magic of the bountiful Tamas, spilling over its edges.

  • A day tent with TV for catching up on sports, a fridge to chill your beverages and a deck to relax on and bird watch.

  • The hammock under the mango tree is a spot avidly sought after at Amariya, invariably in the quietude one dozes off to the sounds of birds and bees.

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