The Ichol Art center is an amalgamation of art, aesthetics and functionality. It has been astutely devised from scrap and recycled material in an artistic way. It comprises of a bronze casting foundry, an open air sculpture park, stone & wood carving work shop, painters' studio, clay modeling room and art cafe. Luxury rooms in the art residency come with a fully furnished kitchen for one's convenience. Car and driver facilities are available on site and one can stay connected via the internet even in the middle of nowhere. Artists are provided with basic material and the help of an artist's aid complimentary.


The center is the perfect forum for workshops, offsite presentations, gatherings, conferences or brain storming sessions. With its specialized infrastructure and varied venues, Art Ichol poses itself as an unmatched artists' residency and work space. It is therefore ideal even for long term and extended stays.
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    Luxury temperature-controlled rooms with feather soft beds and pillows for well deserved rest, grand windows for plenty natural light to flood in and 'a la mode' baths. All adjoining a painting studio to work in and a kitchen to cook in.

  • The main gallery of 3035 sq.ft. can be also used for indoor presentations and exhibitions. It consists of a cafe, office, round table conference, sound system & 2 X 40" LCD display monitors.

  • Cafe counter in the background, the old ship-turbine serves for an elegant conference table and area. Above it hangs a spectacular chandelier crafted from an abandoned anchor.

  • Revel in the artistic delights of Art Ichol, here living and working are in the midst of creativity.

  • Set in the heart of rural India, one can enjoy listening to chirping brids, gentle wind, rustling leaves and a panorama of open fields.

  • A quaint café allows passersby to enjoy the centre and take a much needed respite from the monotonous highway. Interesting works, delicious refreshments and clean lavatories make it an ideal pit stop.

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