Our resident artists associate with us for substantial lengths of time; we all eat, work and live together like one big family. Artists create works with us, pursue their own projects or study, assist guests with learning or making of works and have the opportunity to know & intimately work with big names in the fraternity. They are also sent for workshops around the country. At Art Ichol they can exploit the potential to conceive and develop larger-than-life ideas with the resources and infrastructure available.


Ramesh Chandra has been with us for over 3 years and seen the making of Art Ichol. His specialty of stone works is somber yet beautiful and can be found all over the centre. Anand Kumar, with us for a year works mainly with wood. His work is inspired by nature and has poise. Both have been vital members of the Ichol team during its making. Milan Singh our ceramist has been at Art Ichol for over 8 months and he loves teaching people the art of clay. All three are students of the Banares Hindu University. Tushar Kanti Das with us since 6 months works with the relationship of man and nature in bronze. Uday Singh and Meghnath, local labourer and potter turned artists, discovered their exceptional gift of sculpting clay while with us.
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Resident Artists

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Short interview with Resident artist Ramesh Chandra

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