The writers' cottage Amariya is a glorious getaway



peace lover

Writers' retreat
Set on the idyllic banks of the river Tamas one can drown in its blissful stillness poised on a hammock

Here the aged mango groves, nearby bridge and watch tower are all one's companions. The retreat abounds in bird and piscine life, its meandering river turn is the perfect fishing spot and a photographers' delight at sunset.


Even if you aren't staying at the writer's retreat, an unforgettable picnic can be arranged. On a sunny afternoon, one could fish for trout, cool down with beer and make excursions on foot across a broken bridge only to discover a mysterious watch tower juxtaposed on the other bank. Enjoy the terrace of the cottage while relishing tea over the setting sun, paint from the tent deck overlooking the river or simply gaze out the gazebo.

It’s an awesome sight.
Narayan Sinha
A Heaven in reality. A perfect place for Art practice and experiment. I was totally overwhelmed.
Pransenjit Sengupta
What struck me foremost was the thriving artistic environment Ambica had created and nurtured in the middle of nowhere.
Sheema Mookherjee
Publishing Professional
The Art Ichol residency offered comfortable living, surrounded by lush green, a riverside, an uncluttered, clean blue sky with awesome, vibrant sunsets.
Shalini Jaikaria
Fashion designer
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