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Experience our yearly MAI (Maihar Art Ichol) Festival of visual and performing arts venerating the Goddess Deity of Maihar, Ma Sharda Devi and musical maestro of Maihar Baba Allauddin Khan. The festival began in 2015 with our inauguration and is a yearly celebration of our anniversary and a celebration of reviving Maihar as a centre for the arts and music. The festival will soon be held bilaterally in conjunction with the Khajuraho Dance Festival.

The centre hosts artists in residence at this time, creating works and sculptures in various mediums for visitors to observe and learn from. Workshops and residencies around the festival facilitate artists to work, experience and participate in the festivities as well. Talks and artists' presentations are held in the evenings to discuss ongoing practices and to enable artists to showcase their recent works to one another.

Training and development workshops in art, theatre and education with the local communities, villagers and their children at this time make it a lively and interesting atmosphere of mixed social cultures, people of different backgrounds, all coming together on a common platform and facilitating one another other.