The Ichol Art center is an amalgamation of art, aesthetics and functionality

Ichol Art Centre

It has been astutely devised from scrap and recycled material in an artistic way

The center is the perfect forum for workshops, offsite presentations, gatherings, conferences or brain storming sessions. With its specialized infrastructure and varied venues, Art Ichol poses itself as an unmatched artists' residency and work space. It is therefore ideal even for long term and extended stays.

  • Nature & Spiritualism - Vipul Kumar

  • Sujit Karan

  • Head - Ramesh Kumar

  • In Search of Inner Eco - Bhupesh Kavadia

  • Baba Allauddin Khan - Debabrata Dey

  • Neeraj

  • Shiva - Naidee Changmoh

  • Head - Chirayu Sinha

  • Durga - Tamal Bhattacharya

  • Raja Rani - Chandra Prakash

  • Kalpataru, the wishing tree - Nobina Gupta

  • 50 - 5000 - Nitin Dutt

  • Lucy-I - Gyujo Choi

  • Aquarium - Tushar Kanti Roy

  • Brick Temple - Jacques Kaufmann

  • Head - Ramesh Kumar

  • Ravi Kumar

  • Venu Gopal

  • Green Tree - Tushar Kanti Roy
Open Air Sculpture Park

ever-evolving sculpture park is a showcase of many works produced locally here.

Artists like Sakti Burman, Chirayu Sinha, Narayan Sinha and Nobina Gupta have their works on display. Sculptures in our collection are available for acquisition and new works are constantly replacing old ones.

Luxury rooms in the art residency

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A design created
to excite people

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